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I do research at the crossroads of AI (computational intelligence, preference learning), affective computing (emotion detection, emotion annotation), advanced game technology (player experience modelling, procedural content generation, personalisation), computational creativity, and human-computer interaction (multimodal interaction, psychophysiology, user modelling).


This is the team of faculty I work with and the researchers (Post-doc/PhD/research associates) I supervise at the Institute of Digital Games, UoM. The team has a general interest in game artificial intelligence.


Antonios Liapis

Procedural Content Generation, Player Modeling, Multimedia, Game Design, 3D Game Art, Mixed-Initiative Design of game content, Experience-Driven Procedural Content Generation, Digital Aesthetics, Adaptive Games. Webpage.

Post-doctoral fellows/PhD Students

Owen Sacco

Semantic games, semantic content generation, procedural content generation, player modelling, game generation, ontology engineering, big data, and privacy. Webpage.

Christoffer Holmgård Pedersen

Serious and persuasive games. Military psychology. Psychological testing, assessment, and personnel selection. Cognitive, developmental, social, and pedagogical psychology, Games as treatment tools, Biofeedback and adaptive games, Games as measurement and assessment tools. Webpage.

Phil Lopes

Evolutionary computation, preference learning, procedural content generation, game blending, level generation and sonification. Webpage.

Daniele Gravina

Evolutionary computation, divergent search, surprise search, procedural content generation, and game generation. Webpage.

Daniel Karavolos

Deep learning, autoencoders, evolutionary computation, procedural content generation, game facet orchestration, and game generation. Webpage.

Former Postdoctoral Fellows / PhD Students

Héctor P. Martínez

Artificial intelligence, Data mining, Affective computing, Adaptive games, Affective computing, User modeling, Machine learning. Webpage.

Yun-Gyung Cheong

Future storytelling, narrative and discourse generation, computational models of narrative, intelligent tutoring agent, robots, intelligent user interface, natural language processing, planning, AI. Webpage.

Paolo Burelli

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Games Technology, Virtual Camera Control, Affective Computing, Player Modeling, Game AI, Machine Learning. Webpage.

Corrado Grappiolo

Multi-Agent Systems, Complex Adaptive Systems, Emergent Group Behaviour Modelling, Unsupervised and Online Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Competitive Learning, Evolutionary Computation, Search-Based and Experience-Driven Procedural Content Generation, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning. Webpage.

Tobias Mahlmann

Player Modeling, AI in games, Procedural Content Generation, Automated Game Design, Strategy Game Description Language. Webpage.

Noor Shaker

My primary research interest lies in creating on-line game adaptation mechanisms that maximise the player’s entertainment. I’m interested in the construction of computational models of player experience, derived from gameplay interaction, and the use of this model for game content generation. Webpage.

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